01. Onboarding

With more than 500.000 active accounts and R$120 billion in custody, XP is the largest investment company in Brazil.

XP Onboarding 2.png
XP Home 2.png
XP Home 2 b.png

02. My Wallet

For the first screen, we decided to keep it clean, showing just the most important informations.
After a simple scroll up, the client is able to see his asset allocation.


03. Deposit Account

Informations about money transfer and instructions for start investing on XP products.

XP Home 2 c.png
XP Home 2 d.png
XP Renda Fixa 2 b.png

05. Product detail

Product detail page starts with a chart view of the change history. Followed by relevant informations about the product, risk range and features.


04. Asset page

For the asset category page, we show up the allocation summary and asset list. After a scroll up, client is able to see all of the assets.

XP Renda Fixa 2 d.png

06. Color scheme

There are around 16 different products. To organize the navigation, all the sections are divided by different colors.

XP Telas de Carteira.png
XP Telas de Produto 2.png
XP Investir 2 a.png

07. Invest

On the page to make an investment we decided to highlight the amount to be applied. After the value input, we show up alerts and enable the 'invest' button.

XP Investir 2 b.png

08. Icons and Components

All design elements are created thinking on the growing of the app and establish patterns and rules for the use of the components.

XP Components 2 c.png

08. Credits

Tropikal and XP Design Team

My Role
Design Concept, Product Design and Prototyping.

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